Ylira is the mother of Cyra and Ryzek, wife of Lazmet. She dies when her daughter is 10 seasons old, killed during an accident involving her daughter's currentgift. She is a devoted mother and beloved by her people.

Her maiden name is Radix.


Ylira dies at the hands of her daughter when Cyra is a child. Ylira tried to force Cyra to visit another doctor off-planet to find a cure for her currentgift, and Cyra throws a tantrum. She pushes all of her light and pain into another person for the first time and Ylira dies. Lazmet carves the kill mark on Cyra’s arm with some amount of pride. It is her first kill mark.

Ryzek holds this secret over Cyra’s head to force Cyra to do what he wants. After her death, Ryzek memorializes his mother, using important dates related to her as codes, and remembering all of her favorite things.

Appearance Edit

Ylira is described as beautiful, with hair so dark and curly it can trap fingers. Everything she does has a purpose, be it from her choice of dress to her choice in lies. She desperately searches for a cure for her daughter's currentgift, going all over the galaxy to visit with doctors.