Uzul Zetsyvis is a Shotet man in charge of the breeding and harvesting of fenzu in forests north of Voa, which has been his family’s responsibility for almost 100 seasons. His wife is Yma Zetsyvis and his daughter is Lety Zetsyvis. Uzul and his family are described as highly religious, and will not take hushflower or most medicine, thinking any medicine would defy the current. They do not travel by current-powered engine except for sojourn ship. They do not drink fermented feathergrass. Uzul is noted to have a round belly and a slightly duck-footed walk.

He used to collect fenzu shells.


Uzul dies early in the first novel, after being tortured by Cyra at Ryzek’s orders. According to the Shotet news feeds he hangs himself in his home. His daughter instructs Cyra to record the mark for him.

Secretly, Uzul was dying of a fatal disease. He sacrificed himself in order for his wife to get closer to Ryzek to help take him and the Noavek regime down.


We first meet Uzul at the dinner party where Ryzek has Cyra torture him for trying to find the Shotet exile colony so he and his family could flee.