Teka is a supporting character in Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth.

Information Edit

Teka is the daughter of resistance leader Zosita Surukta. She wears a distinctive eye patch over her right eye. Her currentgift is to control electrical objects.

Personality Edit

Teka is sarcastic and sometimes antagonistic. She has a good sense of humor and is good friends with Jorek. She often tries to draw attention to her eye patch with colorful, attention-grabbing patches rather than hide the fact that she wears one. She values a set of tools that she keeps in her room, and comes from a poor background. She works as a mechanic on the sojourn ship.

Appearance Edit

Teka is described as having similar coloring to her mother and aunt: bright blond hair and rich blue eyes. She wears a distinctive eye patch over her right eye to cover where Ryzek took it. She is small and slim.


Teka is first introduced when she attempts to assasinate Cyra during a planned electrical outage. She fails, and Cyra lets her go, though Cyra eventually tracks her down. The two women join forces to take down her brother’s tyrany and save Akos’s brother.

Currentgift Edit

Teka's currentgift is to control electrical objects. We first see this during the resistance's coordinated attack aboard the sojourn ship, when she cuts all the lights in the hallway where Cyra is. She is not a skilled fighter.