Content in this article is derived from information in Carve the Mark and The Fates Divide. As such, spoilers will be present in the article.

Sifa is a supporting character in Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth.

Information Edit

Sifa Kereseth is the sitting oracle of Thuvhe. Married to the late Aoseh Kereseth, they had 3 children; Cisi Kereseth, Eijeh Kereseth, and Cyra Noavek (born Cyra Kereseth). But because Sifa saw a dark future ahead of Cyra, she decided to switch children with Ylira Noavek for a better future for both children. So instead of raising Cyra, Sifa raised Akos Noavek into becoming Akos Kereseth.

Personality Edit

Sifa is a very loving, attentive mother. She is shown to have a very loving relationship with her husband (though they often bicker) and is a good teacher of potions to her youngest son, Akos. Sifa struggles with being an objective oracle, and, in the end of Carve the Mark, she manipulates her son into avenging her husband's death.

Currentgift Edit

Sifa's currentgift is the gift of prophetic visions.