Ryzek is a main antagonist in Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth.


Ryzek Noavek is the older brother to Cyra and leader of the Shotet. His currentgift is to trade memories with people using intentional touch.


Ryzek is very cruel, resorting often to torture and violence. He is a decent fighter, and his intention is as leader of the Shotet to reclaim the planet for their people. He is often paranoid, utilizing high levels of security for his private quarters. He is also afraid of pain, and is indicated to be somewhat weak of spirit; he is noted to take a calming tonic before every kill he orders.


Ryzek is described as having little in common, physically, with his younger sister. His skin is "so pale he looked almost like a corpse." He is unusually thin and tall.


"The first child of the family Noavek will fall to the family Benesit."

Ryzek spends most of the book attempting to avoid his fate, going so far as to outlaw knowledge or voicing of his fate in public, and kidnapping the future oracle of Thuvhe in order to manipulate his fate.


Ryzek's currentgift is to trade memories with others at will. The first time this is observed is with his younger sister, with whom he trades a memory of the first time his father instructed him to order someone's death.


Ryzek is noted to have killed very few (if any) people himself. He marks himself with those kills he has personally ordered, and his arm is noted to be covered with marks.

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