Ori is a supporting character in Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth. Ori is also mentioned several times in The Fates Divide. 

Information Edit

Orieve Benesit (originally known under the pseudonym Ori Rednalis) is the older twin sister to Isae Benesit. Her currentgift is unknown.

Personality Edit

Ori is described as playful and slightly rebellious. Her best friend growing up is Eijeh Kereseth, and they are once caught smoking a pipe together. She is strong of personality and very brave.

Appearance Edit

Ori is originally described as lanky and gangly, all arms and legs. She is slim, tall, and beautiful as a young adult, with black hair and an olive complexion.

Fate Edit

"The first child of the family Benesit will raise her double to power."

Ori is initially unaware that she is even a fated child, as her heritage is hidden from her, and she is raised by her aunt and uncle. She is kept separate from her twin sister, whom she does not meet until much later in her life.

Currentgift Edit

Ori's currentgift is currently unknown, though she displays it at the end of the first novel by touching Eijeh 's head with both hands, and whispering "Bye, Eij." Eijeh immediately falls into a comatose state, which he stays in through the end of the first novel. He is left unresponsive, with eyes open blankly, not dead, but inert. Akos hypothesizes that Ori has sent him away to some extent, that her farewell had less to do with her own death and more to do with Eijeh's state.

Death Edit

Ori is killed by her former best friend in the arena at Voa. While battling Ryzek, Cyra is given a choice: spare Ryzek's life, or Ori will die at the hands of Eijeh, who has been brainwashed by Ryzek. Cyra realizes that she cannot "spare" her brother's life in front of all those at the arena, and that even if she did, Ryzek would kill Ori anyway. She pretends to kill Ryzek, and Eijeh stabs a currentblade into Ori's gut. After being mortally wounded she is rescued by Akos, Isae, Cisi and Teka. Ori imparts some of her currentgift on Eijeh, then dies in her sister's arms aboard a transport vessel.