Lazmet Noavek is the father of Cyra and Ryzek and husband of Ylira. He supposedly dies a few seasons after his wife, killed in an attack during a sojourn, when Cyra is 11 seasons old. We learn at the end of the first book that this is not the case, and that he is still alive.


Lazmet's mother murdered her own brothers and sisters to assume power. The violence is noted to have traveled through her offspring.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Lazmet is described as cruel and cold. His wife is the only person noted to be able to calm him, when she calls him "Laz" and speaks to him Shotet poetry. He is slightly taller than average, with Marks from his wrist to his shoulder. He had to start a second row there were so many. He has narrow shoulders and freckles across his nose.


Lazmet’s currentgift is to control other people’s movements. His preferred method of torture is to force people to carve out their own eyes. He keeps these removed body parts as trophies preserved in jars inside his training room.


Lazmet is thought to have died on a sojourn. Lazmet, his son Ryzek, and Vas were attacked by a band of pirates and only the latter two survived.

It is revealed at the end of the first book that he is still alive.

In The Fates Divide, it is revealed that Ryzek lied about Lazmet's death. He attacked his own father and imprisoned him. After Ryzek's death, Lazmet returns to Shotet and takes over once again as its Sovereign. Lazmet dies later in The Fates Divide.