Jorek Kuzar is the son of Suzao Kuzar and Ara Kuzar. He is Shotet by birth. He is described as short and slim. Jorek notably he did not follow in his father’s footsteps of soldiering and translating. On the sojourn ship he works in maintenance. He has a sister, who, along with Jorek’s mother, is afraid of Suzao.

His skin is described as brown, and he keeps his fingernails long. He does not love his father, and has no marks.


Jorek first appears with Vas, to invite Cyra to watch the arena challenges as part of the Sojourn Festival.

Akos meets him again in the training room aboard the sojourn ship a week after it launches. Jorek asks him to kill his father. Together with Cyra they develop a plan to provoke Suzao into challenging Akos in the arena by drugging him with sleeping potions.

He becomes a somewhat central part of the first and second novel. He is part of the renegade group looking to overthrow the Noaveks.

Death Edit

Jorek is killed by Lazmet Noavek toward the end of The Fates Divide after Akos, in an attempt to get his biological father to trust him, tells Lazmet that Jorek is the one who helped him get into the Noavek mansion. At some point before or after his death, Lazmet removes both of Jorek’s eyes and puts them in a jar. He later uses them to taunt Akos.