Isae Benesit is a supporting character in Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth.

Information Edit

Isae Benesit is the younger twin sister of Orieve Benesit. At the end of the first novel she is the reigning chancellor of the planet Thuvhe. Her currentgift has to do with memories.

Personality Edit

Isae is very stoic, described as having a very rigid posture, and a commanding nature. She makes one joke throughout the entire first novel. She is thought to have been raised on one of the Brim planets, in order to keep her hidden during her young life. Despite her stoic exterior, rigid and closed off nature and personality she is shown during the first book to show a sensitive, vulnerable side to Cisi Kereseth and her twin sister Ori Benesit.

Appearance Edit

Isae is an identical twin to her older sister Ori, with one notable exception: her face was scarred with a currentblade by a Shotet warrior during a scavenge turned raid. To prevent identification between the two of them, Isae and Ori wear masks to cover their faces below the eyes.

Fate Edit

"The second child of the family Benesit will reign over Thuvhe."

Isae's fate marks her as the chancellor of the planet Thuvhe.

Currentgift Edit

Isae's currentgift is the ability to view other people's memories, but not exchange them or take them like Ryzek. Her current gift does not have any effect on Akos.