Iceflowers refer to a group of plants that grow on the planet Thuvhe and are used in potion making and for miscellaneous purposes.

  • Hushflower is a flowering plant with large bright red petals. It is toxic in even small quantities, but Akos has a strong immunity to them, and is able to chew whole petals in order to reach a more tolerable drugged state. It has a sacred place in Thuvhesit culture, where they celebrate the annual blooming. It is a very difficult plant to work with.
  • Jealousy flower (also known as Jealousies) is a teardrop-shaped plant which produces a yellow powder. Cyra dusts some over the heartbstones in Akos’s room aboard the Sojourn ship, and it has a pleasant scent.
  • Harva produces leaves and roots which are useful in potion making. Harva root is sickly white and covered in a fine layer of fuzz, and the vein of the leaves are indigestible.
  • Sendes leaf will strengthen a sleeping potion to work faster.
  • Purity flower is a white blossom that blooms in the Awakenjngb time, Hessa’s warmest months.