Cisi is one of the supporting characters in Carve the Mark by [[Veronica Roth

Information Edit

She is the older sister of Akos Kereseth and Eijeh Kereseth. Her currentgift is to put herself and others at ease.

Personality Edit

Calming, sympathetic, and reserved by nature.

Appearance Edit

Cisi is said to have dark curly hair and a defect where one of her pupils bled into her iris, leaving a small mark. Her skin is described as slightly darker than her brother Akos's.


"The first child of the family Kereseth will succumb to the blade."

Not much is known about Cisi's fate. She is alive at the end of Carve the Mark and shows no inclination for fighting or weaponry.


Cisi's currentgift is to put others (and herself) at ease. This develops sometimes more strongly in others, as multiple characters are implied to be quite smitten with her despite her calm indifference. She is incapable of crying or being overly upset as a result. The only time she ever cried since receiving her current gift is when Akos comes back, her gift has no effect on him, and when Ori Benesit dies. She takes Akos hand so she can cry.

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