Content in this article is derived from information in Carve the Mark and The Fates Divide. As such, spoilers will be present in the article.

Aoseh is a minor character in Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth.

Information Edit

Aoseh Kereseth is the husband of Sifa, and the father to Cisi, Eijeh, and Cyra. He is the adoptive father of Akos, although Akos is unaware of this until late in The Fates Divide. His currentgift is the breaking and repairing of objects. He is killed by Ryzek Noavek's henchmen in Carve the Mark.

Personality Edit

Aoseh is a very gregarious man, loving father, and affectionate husband. He is often bickering lightheartedly with his wife, and he is very protective of his children. Despite coming from a military family, Aoseh is a farmer.

Currentgift Edit

Aoseh's currentgift is the breaking and repairing of objects. The former he often does unintentionally, usually during states of heightened emotion. He is able to repair objects that he breaks, but not very well; the Kereseth home is filled with mugs that have more or less come back together.

Death Edit

Aoseh is murdered by Ryzek Noavek's henchman Vas Kuzar during the kidnapping of Eijeh and Akos. Vas' second cousin Suzao Kuzar, and Kalmev Radix were also part of the raid. All three men are then killed by Akos over the course of the novel. Vas' death is in large part orchestrated by Aoseh's widow, Sifa. Sifa was not present for her husband's death.