Akos Kereseth is one of the main protagonists in Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth. Both he and his brother Eijah were kidnapped by the Shotet, and his one hope in life is to escape with his brother. His power is to interrupt the current.


Akos is very loyal to his family and has a strong sense of justice. He does not enjoy killing or hurting others, though he grows quite adept at fighting throughout the course of the book. He speaks the Shotet language fluently, though he was never taught how. His mother taught him how to brew potions.

Appearance Edit

He has thick brown hair, gray eyes, and a light sprinkling of freckles over fair skin. He is very tall, as noted by multiple characters throughout the novel, and is inferred to be quite handsome. It is noted that he bears little physical resemblance to his siblings.

Fate Edit

"The third child of the family Kereseth will die in service to the family Noavek."

Akos is understandably dismayed at his fate. He often equates it to treason, as the Noaveks are the leaders of the Shotet and rivals to his own people. Over the course of the book, after developing a strong relationship with Cyra Noavek, he starts to understand how his fate may ultimately come to pass.

Currentgift Edit

Akos' currentgift is to interrupt the current, wherever it is. This originally manifests on his initial kidnapping from his home to Voa, where he interrupts the current-powered lock on his handcuffs. He is unaffected by anything current-related, whether it is other people's currentgifts, traveling through the current itself, or seeing shadows of people in the feathergrass. He is able to relieve Cyra's currentgift, and her pain, and is made her personal servant for this purpose.

Marks Edit

By the end of Carve the Mark, Akos has four marks. One for Kalmev Radix, one of his kidnappers, whom he killed on his way to Voa by unlocking his current-powered handcuffs, stealing a knife, and stabbing one of his captors. The second came from the Armored One, a large beast driven wild by the current, and from whom Akos received his armor. While it is not typical to carve a mark for an Armored One, Akos carved one, as he head felt such guilt in killing the beast, especially as there was no fight in the Armored One's death. The third mark is for Suzao Kuzar, whom Akos kills in battle after challenging him to the arena, part of a plan to get his brother out of Voa. The fourth was from killing a nameless soldier while trying to escape a hospital with his sister, Cisi and Isae Benesit. At the end of the first book he has yet to carve a mark for Vas Kuzar, whom he killed in battle while trying to free Orieve Benesit.

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